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A quickie

A quick update today as I've spent all day and evening doing work and I now plan to indulge in some Scrubs Season 4.

After idiotically leaving my umbrella on the train, I've purchased a fabulous new one. A Miffy one, which is utterly fabulous and the fabulousness of which should be shared.

Also, I've found out my building which I live in is full of pot smokers. This is not good when you could get high walking down to the front door when on the way to Asda for toilet roll.

That is all.
The weekend passed by way too quickly. As I was in work early on Saturday I didn't get a chance to say bye to the Sams who stayed over for the night out. Work was too busy for my liking as usual, although there was a highlight of a customer asking how I managed to be down on my knees all day. It kept me amused for the rest of the day.

I spent the rest of the weekend at the_wookie69 's house, which was so very relaxing. The best part being able to wake up on Sunday morning and have no where to rush off to and just being able to enjoy his company. I met up for lunch with the Sams, spaceydaveb and miss_chewinggum which was another lovely thing. The downside to such a lovely weekend was that I didn't want to come back to Nottingham.

I can't believe how much university work I have to do at the moment. I'm already worrying about how I'm going to cope with it all. On the plus side, I don't have much of a life in Nottingham, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to fit it all in!

The one thing I am stupidly excited about this week is the Goose Fair. It's a giant fair ground type thing, and I walk past it every day on the way into university. Nobody else is in the least looking forward to it, but I feel like a little kid.


Cover the looking glass

I finally have the internet back. This is joyous news indeed as now I actually have an excuse as to why I've not been getting much work done. After a little gentle persuasion (assertiveness!) NTL have given us half price internet for six months to make up for all the hassle we've had from them recently. I'm also incredibly proud of the fact that I've managed to set up the wireless router in our flat by myself with only very minimal assistance from my cousin!

Nic's (one of my flatmates) friends are coming down to stay tonight as is Jen's (my other flatmate) boyfriend. So I've invited grandmasam and sam_scothern to come over for a wine infested evening. I'm hoping it's not going to be to ocrazy tonight as I have work early tomorrow and I don't have the stamina that I used to. This means the plan for the afternoon is trying to make my room look a little more presentable, hoovering and the such like. Furthermore, I'll be kicking myself if I don't get my business work for Monday done so fingers crossed I'll finish it.

Right, I'm going to get to it instead of procrastinating on live journal!


Sep. 26th, 2006

And so, I still have no internet or phone line in the flat thanks to the incompetence of NTL. How many phone companies do you know that send a technician to install internet and phone line who leave half way through after saying they're checking something outside and will be back in ten minutes? Bah.

Today I am incredibly tired. A pipe burst in one of the unoccupied flats in my block at 4am. Cue the fire alarm going wild as the water fried the electrics in that flat and many sleepy students standing around waiting for the fire brigade after they were called. Somehow I don't think our rental agency is going to be very happy! Particularly after the door was broken down by the fire brigade and the water probably seeped through to the uninhabited flat below. Suffice to say, the very boring tax and client and commercial awareness lectures I had this morning have done very little to wake me up.

I start my language classes on Thursday which I'm looking forward to as something a bit different. The rest of this week will consist of working my ass off so I can have a little fun this weekend and hopefully have a night out in Leicester on Saturday avec the friends. Fingers crossed!

Once again returning

I'm back from the land of no internet! (Kind of). At the moment I'm using the university computers, but fingers crossed if NTL don't mess me around again, I shall have wireless internet on Sautrday.

I'm all settled in in the flat now, although to tell the truth it's been a very weird and difficult couple of weeks. It's always strange moving to a new city with new people and I'm finding it very difficult to make friends. I feel very isolated here at the moment, with it also not helping that the few people I do know here having completely clashing timetables so I never see them.

I've signed up for language classes too. I'm going to be learning post-GCSE French which should be interesting; and I started work last weekend which was utterly crazy busy. Apart from that though, my life's pretty empty at the moment as far as Nottingham goes.

I trekked to Leicester last night for grandmasam 's birthday, I hope she had a good night. I'll write a better entry later on when my mind isn't so frazzled that I confused my home address with my bank's address.


I'm at The Wookie's in Basingstoke this weekend so I'm able to post a quick update. The move was unsettling, I guess as all move's are. The flat was a pigsty when I moved in and the agency has been slow and needed countless prodding to sort things out, such as the not working shower which still hasn't been fixed.

I'm finding it hard as I don't know anyone in the city yet and still have far too much time on my hands. I feel a little bit stranded even though this whole move is all of my own doing.

I've managed to catch up on a little of the flist. We should have internet in the flat from the 23rd September so that's when I should be back if I can work out how to set up the wonders of the wireless router. See you soon!


Aug. 30th, 2006

I have been very lax at posting recently, I know, but I have been keeping up to date with all of you guys. Tomorrow I'm moving to Nottingham into the new flat so I will be without internet access for a while, not sure how long. Hope everyone's keeps well in the mean time and I'll post again as soon as I get net access. Take care! x


24 - series 5

To pre-order or not to pre-order, that is the question!

Cloudy rain on sunday morning

Work is starting to go crazy with all the children coming in for Back to School. Some of them really do have awkward feet.

I had a very bizarre dream last night which saw me starring in Battle Royale, which was taking place somewhere off the coast of Greece. I know why I had the dream though, it's to do with the news in ohnotheydidnt that the American producer behind remakes of The Grudge and other such films has decided to make a remake of that. I cannot believe they're going to butcher another already fantastic film and am thoroughly distressed by the news.

It's also just hit me that this time in two weeks I'll actually have moved to Nottingham and be in my new flat. This is scary on several levels: the first being that I've not done nearly enough pre-course reading yet; the second being I wont actually have any internet access to start off with and the third, and most scariest is the whole prospect of doing the starting university with no friends and no people I know thing all over again.

I don't think I thought it was going to be as tough as it is, as I was sure I'd always be able to pop over to Leicester to see people. However, people have moved on over the summer and everyone's doing different things now so I'm not so sure I can see that happening now, I guess time will tell when I go back. I think I'm feeling a bit isolated at the moment really, as I'm not seeing much of my friend's at home either at the moment. Particularly when I was invited along on a night out as an afterthought, although I can see why as I didn't -really- want to go along on what was really a bit of a matchmaking evening.

Still, I have a couple of willing volunteers who have offered to help me move in, although they may regret that when they see what my Dad will most likely want them to carry up the stairs!

azurequasia and I met God last night. No, really. We were discussing the lack of a God for some reason as we strolled down the street after the pub, when he announced his presence to us. Actually, the flippant comment was so completely quick off the cuff by this stranger that we were a little impressed. Not so impressive was that Wetherspoons ran out of chocolate fudge cake, so instead of the three we'd ordered (one extra by accident) we ended up with one between us. I think we were maybe punished for our greed. Especially with the dude who was delivering the food to tables as he had no sense of humour whatsoever. However, for me, pizza later made up with it. Even if strange men did see us doing 'curving swan' impressions as Rebeckle attempted to illustrate something to me! P.S. I'm not hungover this morning, yay!

I've also managed to whizz through some DVDs recently too. V for Vendetta, Domino, and Lucky Number Slevin to name. V for Vendetta was absolutely fabulous, one of the best films I've seen in a while and the others weren't far behind, so I recommend.

Big congratulations go to woozy87 on her A Level results too. :) And just because you're going to the University of Essex doesn't mean you can't come and visit me in Nottingham! :P

I think I should probably go and tackle my pre-course reading fear. At least that's something I can get on with and do.



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